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One of the concerns of Iranians living abroad has always been the preparation of Iranian books; Because access to stores that sell Iranian books is very limited and usually the desired book can not be found there.

The Billigbook has solved this long-standing problem, and from now on you can easily buy books from Iran anywhere on the planet and have your book delivered to your door as soon as possible.

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ghazal Instagram profail

I am now 10 years old in Chicago. In the last few years, when I got acquainted with Ali Bandari podcast, I really wanted to read Persian books, but there was no Iranian bookstore here.

Hossein Instagram profail

In the last few years, many of my friends have left the country and our communication was only virtual, but billigbook made us feel alive again by reading a book by Sadegh Hedayat for me and my friends and talking about it for hours.

Arvin Instagram profail

I lived in Germany for a year, but talking to people is still difficult for me and isolates me. But by ordering German language teaching books from Iran, I was able to learn the language quickly and make friends. Thank you very much Bilig

Buy books from Iran

One of the concerns of Iranians living abroad is the lack of access to Persian books. The pleasure of reading a book in the mother tongue can never be compared to reading the same book in the original language. But there are not many Persian and translated books abroad, and a few bookstores sell these types of books, which are certainly very few. Therefore, the lack of Persian bookstores in other parts of the world is one of the problems for Iranians.

Problems visiting Iranian bookstores abroad

First of all, these bookstores do not have many Persian books on their shelves! The reason for this is that these bookstores cannot bring all the books on Enghelab Street into their shops !!

Secondly, the price of these books is much higher than the price in Iran, because the way books are provided by these shops is expensive, and in addition, you have to pay taxes for buying books from these bookstores. Also, if this bookstore is not near your place of residence, you should visit that bookstore in person or call and ask them to send the books to you by internal mail. This also requires additional costs and 4 to 7 days to send the book.

Thirdly, these few bookstores do not have the ability to buy online, and if they do, the list of available books is often not up to date!

For example, if you are a student in Germany, to order a book, you must first research whether your place has an Iranian bookstore or not; Then you have to spend time there and buy the book at a great price. But in billigbook, with just one simple click, you can order your desired book in Germany at the lowest and best price, and have access to all Iranian bookstores in Europe.

BilligBook solution

To solve this problem, Biligbook has tried to find the best, fastest and cheapest way so that Iranians living abroad can access all Persian books in Iran from their own home at the lowest cost.

billigbook is an international book delivery team that prepares all your orders and delivers you door-to-door with the lowest cost and fastest time!

Order steps in Bilig

Just write the list of books you need in the order registration form of the site and send it to us. Your order will be checked and an invoice will be sent to you in the shortest time.

The payment method is also with PayPal account. You can easily pay in euros or dollars to your PayPal account.

If you have any questions, you can refer to the FAQ page, and if you do not find the relevant answer, send it to us through support:

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